What is Roku Activation Link Code?

Before we proceed further on how to work with Roku activation link code, it is important to know what it is. The Roku activation link code is a specific type of code which is used in order to activate the Roku account free. Before setting up Roku player at your personal place, it is very important that you have this code with you. The official company provides this unique code to its users. In case you don’t have this link code, then you can’t access the Roku account on your device. But in case you have forgotten the activation link code, you can visit the official site in order to access it again.

Activating the Roku account with the help of Roku Activation Link Code

    Connecting the Roku player with the RokuTV and plug-in
  • In order to get the Roku set box connected, an HDMI cable is required along with full size A/V cables for the set-top
  • These cables do not come with the Roku and hence you need to buy them separately.
  • One end of the A/V cable has to be put in the set-top box and another endofthe RokuTV.
    Establishing the internet connection for the Roku device
  • In case you are having the Roku premiere+ or Roku ultra, wired Ethernet cable has to be bought.
  • In case Ethernet cable is not available, then you can also go for wireless connection. Just enter your username and password and login to the Roku


activaction link code


Activating Roku account

Once you successfully set up the internet connection, the very first step to activate the Roku account is to sign up. In case you already have the account, log in to that Roku account. Following are the steps you need to follow after that, have a look at them below:

  • In order to operate the Roku streaming device, latest software has to be downloaded from the internet. Then sign-up in Roku account through
  • Once you visit the official site and sign-up, you will get the unique Roku activation link code. You need to enter link code. This will be the unique code and will help to activate the Roku account.
  • Once the code matches, the Roku account will automatically get activated. After that click on submit button.
  • Once you are done with the steps, you will be able to use the Roku account and you can browse the channels of your choice and add to the list of your favorites.

This way you can easily enjoy the online streaming on your Roku device.


Common errors that can occur while activating the account

Following are some of the errors that might occur while you are trying to activate the account with Roku activation link code:

  • Error while the code is being entered may be the code mismatch error.
  • While you are trying to enter the Roku code, the device is getting hanged in between.
  • The Roku player is showing error while connecting to the Wi-Fi.
  • There is no streaming taking place in Roku.
  • You are not able to add new channels to your Roku account.
  • There is an issue coming while setting up the Roku account.
  • The Roku code is not visible on the screen.

For any of the above problems or other related issues, you can contact the support team and you will definitely get the resolution to your issues.