Every Roku owner is quite pleased about their Roku player and they actually can’t wait to have it installed and start off on their entertainment viewing. A factor that sets the Roku player apart, is that it is highly user friendly and even those who are not so gadget friendly, find they are able to set it up or install it. Setting up your Roku device involves just a few steps which include:

  • Identifying the items in the pack which are the Roku player, the remote and the two cables, one of which is the power cable and the other is the connection cable.
  • Once the Wi-Fi is installed, you are provided with a password which should be kept at hand for the Roku Setup.
  • Installation takes just a few minutes. Insert the jacks into its corresponding ports on the player. The jacks on the cable and the ports on the player will help you match them up.
  • Just a click is all that is needed for the Roku Setup.
  • Press the ‘start’ button on the Roku remote and you are ready to start the Roku player.
  • And if you still have problems setting the Roku player up, just given us a call at Toll Free Roku phone number +1-844-536-8555.