Roku support

Setting up the Roku player is fully explained in the user manual that comes along with the package. Alternatively you can also call up Roku Support for help in installation and other procedures. Some of the steps include:

  • Connecting the cables – first the power cable, which provides the power to Roku player and then the adapter cable, which connects the device to the television.
  • Identifying the cables – Firstly, the user guide manual that comes along in the package with the Roku device has all the instruction on identification of cables and ports. The manual also informs you which jack of the cable goes into which port. Secondly, just look at the jacks on the cables and the ports and you will know the difference.
  • Understanding the Remote – Take a good look at the remote, identify the keys along with the user manual open and follow the instruction in the manual to use the remote.

All issues related to any of the above procedures can be resolved instantly by our Roku Support team, so call us on our toll free number given on the website.